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†††† Polly Reed has spent a better part of her life trying to capture the brilliance of Texas landscapes in paintings and photography.† For over a decade, she has produced a set of bluebonnet note cards and photographs.† Central Texas provides the backdrop to enjoy the outdoors year around, but Spring in Texas presents an abundant richness of wild flowers that, in her eyes, is unsurpassed.† Pollyís family has lived in Comanche County since the exodus of the Civil War.† Her Central Texas roots are deep, and the lover for her subject is evident.

†††† Polly grew up an artist and has taught art for thirty years.† Her artistic expressions can be seen in paintings, drawings, murals, crafts, screen printing, ceramics, stain glass designing, and photography.† In pursuit of rustic beauty, she has taken the road less traveled.† What ever the media of expression may be, her goal is to capture some of the glory of Godís creation to share with you.

Polly Reed - Pollyís Paint Box
Comanche, TX